This is where the action happens

We love to see the stage come alive and to be part of the lights, camera.....action

We have been involved in various stage & television productions and live events since 2005. Under the guidance of founder & owner of Stage Alive Production House, David Brink, our team are ready to work with you on different aspects of your production, from strat to finish.

Directing, choreography, script writing, music, sound, lights, video recording, set/decor/costume planning ect. - we do it all! We love our work and do it with passion and excellence to ensure that the productions we work on is held at the highest standard possible. 

You are more than welcome to make use of all our services if you really feel like you are not creative at all or if you need our team to just work with you, we would love to! No matter the size of your production, we do even the small things with a big attitude!