Sound & Lights

Let's get creative

What we do have - good sound & ligths, what we don't have.......we can get

We have been getting creative with sound & lighting since 2005 and we work with up to date technology and professional sound engineers. 

You know by now that we do productions and events, so why not combine that with great sound & lights. The more you know about the production or event your doing,the better you can provide for it and that is why we love to get all in with our clients. 

We have had some exciting clients over the past years and enjoyed working great people at ATKV, Irene Village Mall, University of Pretoria, Bliss Group, Gretha Pers, University of the Freestate, festivals like KKNK, Innibos, Aardklop and Vryfees, various High schools and Primary schools ect.